Bakkafrost is to operate a sustainable business. The goal of the company is to reduce the company’s impacts on the environment. All employees are strongly emphasised to demonstrate a responsibility towards the environment and must be held liable to having necessary knowledge of which environmental dangers go with the operation of the company as well as the necessary knowledge of how these dangers can be reduced. The company must to the greatest extent possible seek to develop and apply environmental solutions.

Our salmon are farmed in a very healthy environment and our practices ensure the welfare of the fish. Low stocking densities enable the salmon to grow naturally, producing a quality farmed salmon that is robust and healthy.

Key Points

  • Totally separated farming areas (fjords) with excellent biological conditions Stable water temperature throughout the year gives excellent growth conditions for Atlantic salmon
  • Strong currents ensure a continuous flow of fresh sea water through and around the cages 
  • Low mortality due to a strict management regime 
  • Lowest average feed conversion ratio and mortality in the industry 
  • Full traceability from salmon roe to the final product 
  • Rich in Omega 3 
  • Non GMO feed

Bakkafrost Quality Management

Bakkafrost develops, produces and markets top quality salmon products that meet the most rigorous specifications from the marketplace. Bakkafrost employees are well-trained and fully aware of issues impacting food quality, food safety and environmental integrity. This focus is fully integrated into our processing procedures and daily operations.

At Bakkafrost, we continually strive to enhance our total quality management, thus ensuring not only the best quality, but also a consistency of quality that is well respected and appreciated by our worldwide customers. Our Quality Control Department continuously analyzes our fresh raw material, and routinely samples our production during processing and our finished products.