Bakkafrost is located in many fjords and villages in the Faroe Islands.There are therefore many different corporate social responsibilities: as an employer, a farming company, a production company and asa user of the natural environment. By showing responsibility, Bakkafrost contributes to increased awareness of these issues, both internally and externally in those locations in which the company operates.

As set out in our code of conduct, we will focus on excellence in operations and strive to apply a working methodology, which ensures a good and sound working environment. Among other things, this means that we intend to systematically promote employee satisfaction, seek to attain an injury and accident free work place, optimise raw material and energy consumption and minimise waste.

HSE as a focus area

The human health safety work is ongoing and is evaluated continouisly. We will improve the awareness of health and safety even more, by further education and implementing more stringent procedures on this area. Bakkafrost has organised a HSE group to focus on this area. The group has regular meetings to evaluate which risks are relevant and how to deal with them. An annual report will be prepared to document the activity.

Environmental issues

Our code of conduct emphasizes, that we shall strive to be market leading in environmental protection. All employees throughout the whole production process are required to bear in mind the environmental effects work-related activities have on nature and the environment and apply environmentally friendly solutions to the extent reasonably possible.

We continously strive to maintain a sound and healthy environment. It is very important for us to prevent pollution and disturbtion of the natural ecological balances of the environment relating to our operations. We intend to further minimize the possible negative impacts on the natural environment, the ecological balances and hence the fish welfare, as a good and healthy environment is required for fish farming.

Fish health, animal welfare and biosecurity

Fish health, animal welfare and prevention of dieseases are of a very high priority of the company.

Bakkafrost aims to keep the salmon in a good and healthy environment, ensuring the welfare and well being of its fish. All natural and physiological needs must be met to the widest extent possible in order to maintain a healthy sustainable production and reach cost efficiency.

All of our operations have to be conducted in strict compliance with the directives and regulations of the Faroese veterinary and food safety administration and the environmental authorities, which ensures that the Company’s fish flourish and grow under the most natural conditions possible.

We recognize that several risk factors such as environmental conditions and biological risks can affect any fish farming operation at sea. Choice of localization, the number of locations and best practise operational methodology contributes to reducing these risks.

Since the new veterinary model was introduced on the Faroe Islands in 2003, Bakkafrost has experienced very little losses due to disease, a significantly improved feed conversion ratio, lower mortality rates and increased productivity without the use of antibiotics.

Food safety

Bakkafrost’s products are for human consumption, and it is therefore of critical importance that the highest attention and resources are dedicated to food safety throughout the whole production process. The product quality is subject to strict internal control, closely monitored by the food authorities and testing carried out by the Company’s customers.