Quality Standards

To ensure prime quality, Bakkafrost has implemented a series of procedures and quality control systems not only at our own salmon farms and processing plants, but also for our suppliers. All stages of our production chain are GlobalGAP compliant. Bakkafrost Harvest and Bakkafrost Processing are HAACP certified. Bakkafrost Processing lives up to the highest international quality and food safety standards and is IFS certifed. The Bakkafrost processing plant in Glyvrar is also BRC certified.  Bakkafrost also has ASC Chain of Custody Certification.

"The entire value chain is Global GAP certified. Other certifications include: ASC, HACCP, IFS and BRC"


ASC Certificate - Gulin A06PDF
ASC Certificate - Gøtuvík A25PDF
ASC Certificate - Fuglafjørður A57PDF
ASC Certificate - Funningsfjørður A71PDF
ASC Chain of CustodyPDF
Authorisation for Food Production FO147PDF
Authorisation for Food Production FO139PDF
Authorisation for Food Production FO125PDF
HACCP Statement FO147PDF
HACCP Statement FO139PDF
HACCP Statement FO125PDF
Certificate of Approval of Own Check Programme FO147PDF
Certificate of Approval of Own Check Programme FO125PDF
Global GAP - BakkafrostPDF
BRC Global Standard - Food Certificate FO125 (2017-2018)PDF
IFS Certificate of Approval FO139 (2016)PDF
IFS Certificate of Approval FO125 (2017-2018)PDF
FDA Certificate of Registration Bakkafrost Sales20172018
FDA Certificate of Registration FO19020172018
FDA Certificate of Registration FO14720172018
FDA Certificate of Registration FO12520172018