New Seafood Index on Oslo Exchange

Yesterday, Oslo Børs announced a new seafood index (OBSFX), including Bakkafrost and the other seafood companies on their market. From now on, it is possible to trade different products, based on the new seafood index.  

Seafood companies have become an import part of Oslo Børs. Over the last decade, the market value of these companies have multiplied more than 10 times from 14 to 148 billion NOK. The proportional value of these companies on the market have grown from 1% to 8%. So far in 2016, the index has increased with 21.6%.

At first, the following companies are making the base for the index: Bakkafrost, Marine Harvest, SalMar, Lerøy Seafood, Austevoll Seafood, Havfisk, Norway Royal Salmon and Grieg Seafood.


Press Contacts:

Regin Jacobsen
+298 23 50 01