Reception of the Farming Service Vessel “Martin”

In connection with the arrival of the new farming service vessel “Martin” to Faroe Islands, a reception will be held in Glyvrar on Saturday 4th March 2017. At the event, there will be speeches, music and an opportunity to visit on-board the new vessel.


The program for the reception is:

2:00 PM        Nes Sóknar Brass band plays

2:10 PM        Regin Jacobsen, CEO, speaks

2:15 PM        Poul Michelsen, Minister of the Faroese Government, speaks

2:25 PM        Torbjørn Jacobsen, mayor, speaks

2:35 PM        Terje Vestergaard sings the song “Sum áarstreymur”

2:40 PM        Nes Sóknar Brass band plays the National Anthem

2:45 PM        Open for visitors on-board “Martin”


Press Contacts:

Regin Jacobsen
+298 23 50 01