Nomination committee

The company’s articles of association stipulate that the Nomination Committee shall comprise a total of three to five people, who shall be shareholders or shareholders’ representatives. The members of the Nomination Committee, including the committee’s chair, are elected by the Annual General Meeting.

The AGM of 7 April 2017 reelected Gunnar í Liða as chairman and elected Eyðun Rasmussen and Leif Eriksrød to Bakkafrost’s Nomination Committee for a period of two years.

The Nomination Committee recommends candidates for election to the board of directors and directors’ fees. The deadlines for submitting proposals to the Nomination Committee is 31 January.

The remuneration payable to members of the Nomination Committee is determined by the AGM. The regulations governing the work of the Nomination Committee are incorporated in the Articles of Association for the company.

Members of Bakkafrost´s Nomination Committee:

  • Gunnar í Líða (Chairman)
  • Eyðun Rasmussen
  • Rógvi Jacobsen
  • Leif Eriksrød