Bakkafrost Feed

Feed is one of the most important aspects when producing top quality salmon. Uniquely, Bakkafrost even produces its own fish meal and fish oil, which is then processed into high quality fish feed at the same facility.

Because of this impressive vertical integration, Bakkafrost has full control of the content in our fish feed and are also able to keep a higher level of fish meal and fish oil in our fish feed than most other salmon producers. This gives Bakkafrost Salmon a better fat content especially rich in the healthy Omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. This natural diet is evident in the good taste of Bakkafrost Salmon.

The natural diet for wild salmon is of course rich in marine resources and by keeping our salmon´s diet as natual as possible, we are able to show some of the industry´s best Feed Convertion Ratios. Which is a key indicator of sustainability. 

All the fish which is used to produce Bakkafrost´s fish meal and fish oil is from approved sustainable fisheries and a big part are off-cuts or fish that would not have gone directly to human consumption.

The result is a higher quality salmon produced sustainably with impressive food in food out results.

"Sustainable fish feed rich in marine content"

Bakkafrost Salmon even healthier with cleaned fish oil

In November 2014 Bakkafrost announced that all the group´s salmon will be fed with feed produced from fish oil which is cleaned for environmental pollutants like PCBs and Dioxins.

Dioxins and dl-PCBs can be detected in a lot of different foods. Limits for the content of these environmental pollutants are strictly regulated. Routine tests made by the Faroese Food- and Veterinary Authority show that the levels of these environmental pollutants in Faroe Islands Salmon are far below all assigned limits. However, by cleaning the fish oil in the feed Bakkafrost believes that it will differentiate Bakkafrost Salmon even more and strengthen its position as one of the healthiest farmed salmon in the marketplace.

Bakkafrost has already started feeding salmon with feed produced with cleaned fish oil. This salmon will be marketed in aprox. one year.