Investment Plan - Prepairing for the future

In 2014 Bakkafrost announced an investment plan where the group will make big investments in all sectors of the value chain in order to prepair the group for the future. Since the investment plan was announced it has been increased.  Investments hava also been speeded up. The investment plan stretches from 2014 to 2020.  The graph below show where Bakkafrost is investing in the coming years.

7 factories become 1

Bakkafrost has aquiered and merged with several different companies leaving Bakkafrost´s current production chain spread across several different towns in the Faroe Islands.  A major part of the new investment plan is to merge all 7 factories into 1 State of the Art facility located in Glyvrar.  This consolitation will improve efficency and also opens the door to new posibilities e.g. producing fresh pre-rigor fillets.

New state of the Art Wellboat

As part of the investment plan, Bakkafrost is investing in a new state of the art wellboat which has a transport capacity of 450 tonnes of live salmon.  Currently Bakkafrost opperates 2 wellboats with have a combined capacity of 150 tonnes live weight.  This investment increases Bakkafrost flexibility and helps secure the biological situation in the Faroe Islands.  The new wellboat carries the name of the founder of Bakkafrost, Hans á Bakka.  The wellboat is equipped with state of the art technology inorder to guarentee the quality of Bakkafrost´s salmon and minimize stresslevels during transport.

Hans á Bakka will also be used for treating salmon again sealice as it is equipped to bath salmon in fresh water.

Investing in bigger smolt

Bakkafrost is quadrupling the smolt production capacity at its biggest hatcery which is located in Viðareiði.  The extra capacity will be used to increase the size of Bakkafrost´s smolt. Increasing the smolt size will shorten the production time at sea enabeling organic growth and decreasing the risk of exposior to sealice and disease