Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility:

The activities of the company have both direct and indirect impact on society. During execution of its activities the company seeks to avoid negative impacts on its surroundings. The company must therefore include social and environmental concerns in connection with preparation of its strategy. The company must likewise in executing its daily operation to the greatest extent possible seek to avoid harmful impacts on society and the environment.

Bakkafrost must appear a responsible operator in society. The company is to aim at operating a sustainable business within sea farming. The company must likewise aim at value adding its products thus participating in generating larger values to society.

Bakkafrost must seek to create values through a profitable operation, both locally, nationally and internationally. The company is to aim at obtaining the greatest possible return of its capital, while contributing means to necessary research, and the company must seek to promote activities for the development of new products and markets.

Bakkafrost must seek to create good surroundings for the local community in which the company is operating. The company is to aim at using local resources as well as local labour. The company is to donate money to local arrangements consisting of among other things financial support through sponsorship agreements.

The values and ethical guidelines of the company require all employees to have a conscious relationship to the company’s responsibility to society. This requires the company’s employees to demonstrate a high personal morality in executing their assignments for the company.

The management of the company as well as the employees must act in a just, honest manner and with personal integrity towards other employees, business contacts, competitors and public authorities. The management of the company as well as the employees must seek to create a work environment where nobody is discriminated.


Bakkafrost is to operate a sustainable business. The goal of the company is to reduce the company’s impacts on the environment. All employees are strongly emphasised to demonstrate a responsibility towards the environment and must be held liable to having necessary knowledge of which environmental dangers go with the operation of the company as well as the necessary knowledge of how these dangers can be reduced. The company must to the greatest extent possible seek to develop and apply environmental solutions.

Approved by the Board of Directors of P/F Bakkafrost Holding on the 15th March 2011.